Miinu Inu擦去您的酥麻感


Wow, what a nice video, I did not expect to get so many tingles out of it. I got even some visual tingles, which I normally don’t get. The tapping on the back, while scratching the front at 7:57 was nice. And especially the soft scratching over the bumps at 10:21 and the very soft scratching over the front at 11:45 were super tingly.


This is a really great trigger, I loved when you went a bit faster scratching the sponge. 10/10


i love the slight blur effect of the cam mixed with the high quality audio so much. reminds me of raffytaphy’s old videos. so soothing

Scrubbing Away Your Tingle Immunity (BINAURAL, EAR TO EAR)



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